The Secret of the Psychology of Wealth
( The Mind of a Millionaire – intensive programme )


If you would like to be successful in the present world, you need a host of new information and skills. Find out what you need to learn so as to be successful and become a master in the inner play called Abundance. The first day focuses on working your „roots“, on your inner play (thinking), on resetting your financial thermostat and building up a new level of wealth. The second day will be particularly devoted to the building up of financial freedom – to the discovery of WHAT and HOW to do in order to achieve financial freedom quickly. Imagine what it would look like if you stepped out from the everyday struggle of your life … forever. This is the aim of the seminar titled “The Secret of the Psychology of Wealth “. To achieve freedom.



  • Why do they expect you to be rich?
  • The miracle of life, Are you there where you would like to be? Do you live your dreams?
  • The power of thought is great
  • How your inner thermostat is set? - What do you think you should earn?
  • Common phrases you probably use every day and which program you to fail at a subconscious level
  • The way you think about successful people creates a picture of you
    Personality – are you prepared to be excellent? (What do you need to become in order to live the life you want?)
  • How to obtain financial freedom – Cash Flow quadrant (connection to thinking/personality)
  • What is your financial thermostat influenced by? The impact of thinking on the achievement of prosperity (Ways of identification and elimination of negative formulas)
  • How can you program the subconscious mind to obtain success at the present time?
  • Wealth creating strategies used by the richest people in the world
    How to program your subconscious mind to achieve prosperity
  • The secret of conscious spreading of prosperity so that you may feel comfortable with a large fortune
  • The strategy of distinction
  • Basic financial abilities (handling of money, investing…)
  • The ability of sharing profit
  • How to defeat the fear of uncertainty
  • How to stop attracting non-functioning relations
  • The technique of positive visualization which help you to achieve things
  • Create the mind of a (multi)millionaire
  • How to improve your prosperity step by step
  • Universe appreciates action, doing something instead of hesitating;
    The decision is up to you


Be prepared for strong words, straight talking and brutal sincerity. What you are about to experience, you had never undergone before. A new era of seminars is about to begin. I will show you how to break through the captivity of necessity and reach exuberant prosperity. It will change you mentally, emotionally and financially for the rest of your life.

P.S: I warn you – I am a successful man with experience. I will take apart your entity and create a strong person out of you who will change their dreams into reality. I guarantee that your life will be changed after this seminar!

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