I was born in 1973 in Bratislava. I’m a son of parents that had to work hard in order to raise a family of 4 children. My father is my strong role model since despite his serious physical disabilities, he was able to take care of us and together with my loving mother, he taught us the real values of life. Since my childhood I have been dreaming about success and independence as well as life of freedom. The idea of working and creating wealth under someone’s orders or being told what to do, never appealed to me.

To live freely, in my case, means that I am doing what I like and what I am competent in. I am fulfilling my dreams and visions that are enormous and inspirational. As a 21-year-old I established my first company with ten employees. At the age of 25, I gave employment to 15 people and closed deals in the range of 10 million crowns. One of my companies, named after my visionary, Donald Trump, has been successfully establishing Slovak and foreign companies in Slovakia for more than ten years. As a strong leader I created a huge wealth in these companies that thank to my abilities have advanced rapidly. My companies operate in a wide variety of areas, such as leasing, banking, insurance, real estate developing, food industries, catering trade and MLM systems. I have become independent thank to my faith, diligence, and my ability to adapt to a given market, as well as my never-ending dreams, that have always been and still are huge. The pillars of my life (family, health, faith, independence, and the desire to help others) are so strongly and deeply rooted in my life that they enable me to realize my dreams with pleasure. My entire life has been filled with a commitment to lifelong learning. I have always been fascinated by successful and exceptional individuals. I never cared about how much money they had, but rather the journey they had to go through in order to achieve what they have become. I am able to lead a life through my role models in business, through authors and through visionaries and the ability to program my mind and subconscious the way, so that I can fully utilize it in practical experiences. I am a positive person who strives in sharing his knowledge with others and thus helping them. I am a mentor for many companies and individuals. Satisfaction and joy of others have been my biggest inspiration.

It is at this stage of my life that I would like to share with you my experience with positive thinking, motivational abilities, leadership, mentoring and teamwork, and to help you realize your ambitions. I will truly show you and teach you how to become a rich, prosperous and independent individual. I will shed light to the secret of successful people. Only the strong have the ability to reveal and develop the best in each and every person. Participating in my motivational seminars will be a born-again experience. I am able to make a successful person of you, who will not have problems directing his/her mind to success, and fulfilling even the boldest dreams.



I am looking forward to meeting you.
Vladimír Kmeťko